A black backpack sits in the middle of a sidewalk.

“Thinking Outside The Backpack”- a Poem

Packing school bags full of supplies, 

    winter gear and festive toy drives. 

Food for the weekends, blankets for the NICU,

   Allow me to fund another gifting to you.

We use our businesses to give to the community 

   It’s something you need, and a reputation for me.

When we hear of others going without, 

    Our desires to spread the stuff is what it’s about.

The problem with this is not the righting of my pity, 

    But the fact I forget you have your own dream for the city.

If people are seen as only consumers who need,

We fail to see the whole of their potential to seed.

I know I am more than the things that I have. 

I have gifts and talents and assets to add.

I forget this concept when I am trying to help. 

    It feels good to give things and makes me feel svelte.

The injustice is not with the imbalance of stuff,

    It’s the way we give that widens the ruts.

Let’s look to one another to share in the dream, 

    Seeking each other and planning the scheme.

Involve all players with holistic needs to address, 

    Reveal to one another the gifts we possess.

I might just remember that my worth is not in my wealth,

    And you may just see that you have a part in transforming whole health.

We often get tangled up in the WHAT, 

    Giving feels good and seems open and shut.

But does my giving help others to see, 

That WHO you are is valued to me.

A true and transformative gift means believing in others, 

    Consider sharing time, talent, hearts and all that it covers.

Transactional hope is temporary.  Relational hope is transformative. To learn more about these concepts, to assess your strategies and explore the possibilities of standing for TRANSFORMATIVE change, reach out to us here at Greater Calling.