Create hope, dignity, and connection

Launch the purpose of your business into the world

Greater Calling

Create hope, dignity, and connection by launching the purpose of your business into the world

We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, or a greater calling. We want to work with passion and purpose to make the world better. 

The question is, ‘Why can’t this be done through your workplace today?’ Greater Calling thinks it can.

Greater Calling

Employees who find meaning and significance in their work are more than 3x as likely to stay with their organizations.

You can increase employee engagement, support community transformation, and leave a legacy for your organization by partnering with a community overseas.

How It Works

Greater Calling partners businesses with some of the most vulnerable communities on four continents.

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Identify an area your business is passionate about

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Match your business with a community overseas

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Financially support the project

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Engage your employees through relationships

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Leave a lasting legacy through your business’s impact

90% of Gen Z believes companies must act to help social and environmental issues and
75% will do research to see if a company is being honest when it takes a stand on issues.

Porter Novelli/Cone’s 2019 Gen Z Purpose Study

Turn Your Passion Into
Community Transformation

To understand and address the underlying problems that cause poverty, we look at communities through 12 different lenses, which we’ve identified as the “TWELVE AREAS OF TRANSFORMATION.”

Our Partners

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“Greater Calling is a unique model that reaches some of the most vulnerable children around the world. Through nutrition and other programs, they lift up communities and help them become self-sustaining. Greater Calling helped us live our purpose to nourish families so they can flourish and thrive.”

John Bryant, Former Chairman and CEO of Kellogg Company

Pursue a Greater Calling Together

Your partnership with Greater Calling not only impacts a community
overseas, but also impacts your organizational community.

  • Attract and maintain an engaged workforce
  • Drive employees toward a greater calling and
    purpose beyond their everyday work
  • Increase global mindfulness and awareness
  • Incentivize community involvement as an
    employee benefit
  • Provide opportunities for employees to use
    their time and talents to serve others

89% of executives surveyed said a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.

Harvard Business Review’s The Business Case For Purpose

Your organization is called to more than just the bottom line.

Start pursuing your Greater Calling today!

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