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Greater Calling’s Leadership Development Programs equip the next generation of emerging leaders with skills to drive sustainable community transformation, foster financial stewardship, and champion active community leadership.

Leadership Development is necessary…
no matter where you live on the map.

Welcome to Greater Calling’s Leadership Development Programs! Our programs in Guatemala, Uganda, and Ethiopia equip emerging leaders with essential skills, knowledge, and practical training to make a sustainable impact in their communities. 

Our two-way relational approach fosters mentorship and personal growth, with alumni encouraged to give back and create a lasting legacy. Join us in creating effective servant leaders who can drive community transformation. Learn more about our programs and how we can help you make a positive impact today.

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Where We Work

Our tailored programs offer essential leadership training to communities in need in Guatemala, Uganda, and Ethiopia. With your support, we can expand our reach and offer training to more communities worldwide. Learn more about our different programs below:

5 Standards for Every Leadership Development Program

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  • Principled Character Development
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning
  • Alumni Engagement and Legacy
  • Impact Reporting
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Hear From Partners

“The leadership program showed me the brilliant minds of the Ugandan people who when given the skills and knowledge will shine in business and leadership to the glory of God. It showed me the value of loving others and giving people what you have or hope to have, it is truly better to give than receive.”

– Will F., Michigan

“These programs are a transformative blessing that will leave an impact on all who participate. From the uplifting songs of praise and joyful atmosphere, to the fervent prayers and life application, every moment is carefully crafted to inspire and equip the next generation of leaders.”

– Beth K., Texas

“Once you meet these young men and women who have went through the program, it’s obvious that it has ignited a fire in their hearts that is contagious to serve and to lead others, keeping God first, and leading with Him as their focus. They stand out as leaders with absolute certainty in a very uncertain world.”

– Nick R., West Virginia

3 Steps to Impacting Global Leadership Development

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Become a partner.
Register to join the global leadership movement.

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Engage your stakeholders.
Share your mission on social media through impact updates, photos from in-country, and more.

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Travel to encourage community leaders.
Meet local leadership, learn about the communities and promote the development of leaders.

Join Our Partner Program 

As a valued partner of Greater Calling’s Leadership Development Programs, you will gain exclusive access to a range of benefits, including:  

  • Regular impact reports detailing the outcomes of our leadership programs and the positive changes they are driving in communities around the world. 
  • Invitations to virtual events featuring thought leaders in the field of leadership development.
  • Opportunities to join our team on transformative travel experiences, where you can witness firsthand the impact of your support.
  • A special limited edition Greater Calling sticker, symbolizing your commitment to our mission.
  • A personalized certificate of honor recognizing your vital role in empowering the next generation of leaders to create positive change in the world.

See this Program in Action

Become a Partner

Your partnership will empower a leader in another country to drive sustainable community transformation, foster stewardship, and champion active community leadership.







Legacy Builder


We are committed to providing you with transparent and meaningful updates on the impact of your donations. 

While we are not able to report on the specifics of how each donation is utilized, you can expect comprehensive reports including statistics, stories, pictures, and quotes that showcase the transformation you are helping to achieve.

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