Our Approach
Going beyond the bottom line

Greater Calling

Our Approach

Going beyond the bottom line

What if partnerships could change the world?

Becoming a Greater Calling partner gives your organization a vehicle for making a global impact, provides your employees with opportunities to engage in purposeful work, and transforms communities worldwide.

89% of executives surveyed said a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.

Harvard Business Review’s The Business Case For Purpose

Our Approach

Transforms both communities and companies.

Because our approach is two-way, both communities are transformed.

Your Organizational Community

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Healthy Culture
Increased employee engagement and productivity
Unity and meaning within teams
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The Community You Partner With

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Breaking the cycle of poverty
Leveraging community resources
Igniting new hope

Impacts everyone involved.

Not only are communities overseas impacted, but also employees, customers, and your organization.


Integrates purpose with work and increases employee pride in the organization.


Builds trust and loyalty among your customer base.


Supports your brand narrative, enhances your vision and mission, and goes beyond the bottom line.


Transforms communities through sustainable development initiatives.

Addresses the Root Causes of Poverty

We’re in the business of transformation.
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Walk alongside local leaders who know their communities best to develop a vision for breaking the cycle of poverty in their community.

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Utilize an asset-based approach to community development and identify the resources in a community, and create a community development plan.

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Implement strategies for long-term transformation.

Promotes a Thriving Workplace

Employees are connected with global opportunities to exercise their talents and develop leadership skills and compassion.

Do more than “good.”
Do something greater.

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Flexible and customizable

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Easy to implement and manage

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Impactful and data-driven

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Employee engagement-focused

Turn Your Passion Into
Community Transformation

To understand and address the underlying problems that cause poverty, we look at communities through 12 different lenses, which we’ve identified as the “TWELVE AREAS OF TRANSFORMATION.”

See the power of partnership for yourself

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