Who We Are
Turning passions into transformation

Greater Calling

Who We Are

Turning passions into transformation

Our Vision:

To see hope restored to those who need it most

Our Mission:

Unleash community potential within emerging cultures and economies through business partnerships ready to launch their assets and purpose into the world

Our Purpose:

To enhance human connection and dignity in the world

What is a “Greater Calling?”

Our Greater Calling is rooted in a desire to transform the lives of those we interact with by using our  talents, passions, and resources.

To participate in a Greater Calling is to move past the bottom line — to do more than simply offer a product or service — and demonstrate social responsibility. When we act on our Greater Calling, we give purpose and meaning to our work and create opportunities for transformation outside our organization.

Where We Work

Greater Calling partners businesses with some of the most vulnerable communities on four continents. We currently work in Eswatini, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Moldova, Russia, and Uganda.

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