Who We Are
Connecting your business to a custom-fit global opportunity

Greater Calling

Who We Are

Turning passions into transformation

Our Vision:

To see hope restored to those who need it most

Our Mission:

Unleash community potential within emerging cultures and economies through business partnerships ready to launch their assets and purpose into the world

Our Purpose:

To enhance human connection and dignity in the world

Our Team

Wil Crooks
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Orion Netsanet
Strategic Partnership Director

Atkelt Simon
Strategic Partnership Director

Experts in Community Development

Supporting you in building your culture of purpose

Greater Calling has over 25 years of experience alleviating poverty in impoverished communities. Our data-driven model of community transformation is tailored and replicable. We provide all the strategic tools you need and walk you through every step of your partnership. Making a global impact has never been easier.

To understand and address the underlying problems that cause poverty, we look at communities through 12 different lenses, which we’ve identified as the “TWELVE AREAS OF TRANSFORMATION.” Water projects, educational support, grief and trauma counseling — whatever your passion may be, there is a way for your business to make an impact.

90% of Gen Z believes companies must act to help social and environmental issues and
75% will do research to see if a company is being honest when it takes a stand on issues.

Porter Novelli/Cone’s 2019 Gen Z Purpose Study

Where We Work

Greater Calling partners businesses with some of the most vulnerable communities on four continents. We currently work in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Moldova, Russia, and Uganda.

Explore what a customizable partnership could look like for your business.

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