Ethiopia Leadership Development Program

Project Description

The Ethiopia Leadership Development Program (ELDP) aims to holistically empower orphaned and vulnerable youth as they transition into adulthood. Our mission is to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to catalyze positive change within their communities, and in turn, contribute to the overall development of the country. With over 70% of the Ethiopian population under the age of 30, we recognize the critical role that young people play in shaping Ethiopia’s future. By investing in their development and providing them with the tools to become agents of change, ELDP is transforming not only individual lives, but also entire communities. Together, we are creating a holistic movement towards a brighter, more equitable future for all Ethiopians.

Areas  of Transformation




Economic Development

Program Structure

Participants will go through four phases of the training.

Phase 1 – CarePoint Level (Grades 7-9): In this initial phase, students in grades 7-9 receive support and resources through the generous funding provided by CarePoint. We believe that a strong foundation is crucial, and we are committed to helping students succeed during these crucial years.

Phase 2 – Regional Level (Grades 10-12): Once students reach grades 10-12, they move to the Regional Level during the summer. At this stage, they have the opportunity to attend one of three different locations where they can further develop their skills and broaden their horizons. However, funding is required to ensure the continuity and success of this phase.

Phase 3 – University or Vocational Students: Upon graduating from high school, students enter the Regional phase, where they continue to receive support and guidance. Mentorship and coaching programs are offered to help them navigate the challenges of university or vocational education. Additionally, we provide valuable opportunities such as internships and specialized training focused on entrepreneurial skills.

Phase 4 – University or Vocational Graduates: As students complete their university or vocational education, we understand the importance of a smooth transition into the professional world. In this phase, we offer comprehensive support during the employment process, ensuring their sustainability. We also provide support groups to encourage students to start their own businesses and foster an entrepreneurial mindset. Furthermore, an alumni group is established to create a network of successful individuals who give back to the program and support future students.

Historical Background

Ethiopia has one of the world’s youngest populations with a staggering 73% of its citizens aged between 0-29. This demographic presents both a blessing and a challenge for the nation. To ensure a brighter future, proactive and holistic development of this vital population is essential. 

Unfortunately, recent years have demonstrated the destructive force this group can become when left unsupported. However, there is hope! Since the election of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy in March 2018, Ethiopia has undergone a historic political shift, offering a democratic approach and renewed hope for its people. Nevertheless, conflict entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the situation by exploiting unemployed youth aged between 16 to 30, resulting in devastating tribal conflict, religious disputes, and mass displacement.

This is where the Ethiopia Leadership Development program comes in. Our mission is to empower orphaned and vulnerable youth through a holistic approach, equipping them to drive positive, transformational change in their communities. By investing in these youth, we ensure they are equipped to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of Ethiopia. Children and young people are the promise of our future, and with over 70% of the Ethiopian population under 30, it’s essential that we work purposefully with this group to secure a brighter tomorrow.

Challenges Facing Ethiopian Youth Today

  • Lack of quality education 
  • Unemployment 
  • Drug addiction and health issues 
  • Human and political rights 
  • Unfavorable policies

5 Standards for Every Leadership Development Program

Greater calling working

  • Principled Character Development
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning
  • Alumni Engagement and Legacy
  • Impact Reporting
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Additional Impacts for Emerging Leaders

  • Designed to holistically empower youth to affect positive transformational change in their communities 
  • Includes life skills training to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed 
  • Includes volunteer service opportunities to provide experiential knowledge and increase confidence, socializing, emotional stability, self-esteem, and more 
  • By participating in the program, young people can become leaders in their communities and contribute to the development of their country

As a valued partner, you will receive:

  • Regular impact reports highlighting the positive changes your support is helping to create
  • Opportunities for travel to equip community leaders in Ethiopia
  • Invitations to attend our inspiring virtual events featuring and experts in the field
  • A commemorative sticker to proudly display your support for our programs
  • A certificate of appreciation, recognizing your vital role in helping us create a brighter future for individuals and communities around the world.

The Importance of Life Skills Training

  • Life skills education helps individuals translate knowledge, attitudes, and values into actual abilities 
  • The goal is to create youth who are fully equipped with accurate, objective, and scientific knowledge, attitudes, and values 
  • Life skills training enables young people to make informed and calculated decisions, solve problems, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, cope with challenges, and manage their lives in a healthy, productive, and sustainable manner

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

  • You are invited to support the mentoring process throughout the year. This can be done through visits to the Ethiopia Leadership Program or via calls with the leadership team.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

  • You are encouraged to support the mentoring process throughout the year. This can be done through visits to the Ethiopia Leadership Program or via calls with the leadership team.
  • You’re also invited to be involved by funding a small business loan for one of the youth and even visit in person to provide additional training on good business practices!

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