Guatemala Leadership Development Program

Project Description

The Guatemala Leadership Development Program equips youth as emerging leaders with skills that promote community transformation, financial stewardship, and active community leadership.

The program is designed for youth between ages 15-30 who have finished high school and have been a part of a Children’s HopeChest CarePoint. The program offers teen and young adults the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally while their communities also experience positive transformation. 

Historical Background

We have found that effective leadership development is crucial in transforming Guatemalan communities. That’s why we created the Guatemala Leadership Program to equip emerging young leaders with skills for community transformation through vocational training and business entrepreneurship. Join us in raising a new generation of passionate leaders who will inspire and mobilize their communities towards a better future.

Program Structure

Participants will go through two phases of the training.

Phase One: During the first year, students attend a vocational training school from Monday through Friday, as well as a leadership and discipleship class twice a month. 

Phase Two: In this phase, called “The Challenge“, students will compete for a chance to earn funding for their business plan. Eventually, they will create a timeline to recapture the funds of their loan and then pay their micro-business loan forward to another future student in the Guatemala Leadership Academy.

Student Testimonials

“I am impressed by how much I have learned at the academy. I have grown and changed in ways that I cannot believe!” 

– Naomi, Guatemala

““I love the Leadership Academy because it has  given the opportunity to get to be myself and realize that I can achieve anything. Being a chef has been my dream and now thanks to the Academy is becoming a reality”.”

– Rosita, Guatemala

5 Standards for Every Leadership Development Program

Greater calling working

  • Principled Character Development
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning
  • Alumni Engagement and Legacy
  • Impact Reporting
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Additional Impacts for Emerging Leaders

  • Enhancing the leadership skills of the participants
  • Creating opportunities for participants to acquire formal vocational skills
  • Mentoring young community leaders each year to be trained and empowered for leadership
  • Investing in the entrepreneurship development of the participants in the program
  • Promoting a culture of business economic development initiatives in the communities where HopeChest is working

As a valued partner, you will receive:

  • Regular impact reports highlighting the positive changes your support is helping to create
  • Opportunities for travel to equip community leaders in Guatemala
  • Invitations to attend our inspiring virtual events featuring and experts in the field
  • A commemorative sticker to proudly display your support for our programs
  • A certificate of appreciation, recognizing your vital role in helping us create a brighter future for individuals and communities around the world.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

  • You are invited to support the mentoring process throughout the year. This can be done through visits to the Guatemala Leadership Program or via calls with the leadership team.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

  • You are encouraged to support the mentoring process throughout the year. This can be done through visits to the Guatemala Leadership Program or via calls with the leadership team. 
  • You’re also invited to be involved by funding a small business loan for one of the youth and even visit in person to provide additional training on good business practices!

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