Addis Ketema Water Point Extension

Addis Ketema Water Point Extension

Country: Ethiopia

City/Town:  Hawassa

CarePoint: Addis Ketema

People Impacted: 2,000+

Total Cost: $18,460

Estimated time to complete: N/A

Areas  of Transformation


Health & Hygiene


Economic Development

Project Description

There is a water supply shortage in the community of Addis Ketema CarePoint, and in the nearby areas of Daka and Dato Kebeles. By providing a water extension in the area and constructing a water kiosk, community members will have easier access to clean water, which will contribute to increased health, hygiene, and sanitation for our beneficiaries and also the whole Daka and Dato communities. In addition, access to clean water supports children by helping them be more engaged in school. It will decrease the amount of time children, especially girls, spend traveling long distances to fetch water. The children can use this saved time to study and focus on their education. The water kiosk also serves as an income-generating source for selected guardians of children at the CarePoint.

Historical Background

The people living in these two communities suffer from health issues caused by lack of clean water. Contaminated water causes a range of diseases, which are often life-threatening. Another problem is that people must collect and carry water – usually women and children – and have to travel long distances while holding very heavy loads. This leads to injuries to their neck, back, and hips. It is also time-consuming. The CarePoint has been creating awareness on the negative impacts of lack of clean water; however, knowledge without practicality is meaningless because the community still has limited access to this crucial resource. Building the water kiosk will fill the gap. In addition, the beneficiaries can use it for an income-generating activity.

Return on Investment Potential

This project will protect the community from different water-related communicable diseases, and will help save them enormous costs on medication for water-related illness. Additionally, most water points and water kiosks in Ethiopia provide economic opportunities for parents/guardians in the community. Most water points or water kiosks are managed by three to five participants, who are able to generate income for themselves, which contributes to being able to better provide for the basic needs of their families and provide services with less expensive service charges. Each group of participants will use the kiosk for two years and then will transfer the work to another group. Within two years’ time, they prepare another business for themselves.

Additional Impacts

Provision of potable water around their living area will protect women and children from injuries and save time for other important parts of their life, like studying more and spending quality time with family members.

Volunteer and Travel Opportunities

We encourage people to travel and witness the progress and impact of the project in the community. It will also be an opportunity to share experiences between the two communities, in terms of culture, how to do business, etc. We can also facilitate training on different topics to support diverse parts of the community.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

Support from employees of your company will be a great plus for the success of the project and the CarePoint. They can share their experience, give trainings, coach and mentor staff, etc. Online or face-to face mediums are appropriate.

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