a man in Uganda welds surrounded by other young men

4 Reasons to Consider Global Social Impact for Your Community

Of course the social footprint of our business is of increasing importance and focus. The actual existence of doing business well can mean a positive contribution to your local community. You are adding value through the creation of jobs, meeting unmet needs, stimulating economies and animating human connections.  Rarely do local businesses remember the potential ROI of engaging through global social impact.

Here are four reasons why your company might want to consider making a positive global impact:

1.     Enhance the worldview of your company and employees with leadership development opportunities.  International travel opportunities expose employees to life outside our borders and helps to increase our understanding of life inside the borders.  Increasing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) makes for better equipped citizens and employees.

2.     Elevate purpose in your workplace. A global partnership stimulates workplace purpose. A global engagement takes the integration of your teams, your mission, your leadership development and brand narrative to a new level of unified purpose.

3.     A unified vision for your teams rallies your local community around what your company stands for. Most workplaces these days are supportive of the local efforts and passions of their employees, offering matching funds or time to volunteer. Coming together for a common global initiative assembles your team as advocates with a common purpose to better the world. Who doesn’t want to use their job to do that!

4.     Engaging globally IS investing locally.  Whether you sit on the side of closing our borders or being a sanctuary city, everyone can agree on the concept that prevention isn’t sexy…but it’s an actual solution.  Every human would first rather have an opportunity to thrive in their own country and culture before having to uproot oneself through refugee camps and dangerous journeys.  Caring for global community development IS impacting your local community.

To learn HOW to go about exploring global engagement with the passions and competencies of your business, read more about partnering with Greater Calling.