The Wheel
Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Arts & Recreation Communications & Technology Infrastructure Economic Development Family Development Government Education Health & Hygiene Security & Justice Medical Support Nonprofits

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

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Working with community leaders to assess the possibility of agricultural and animal husbandry projects and finding ways to implement them.

Arts & Recreation

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Helping communities identify how they can use the arts and recreational activities to facilitate income generation, mentorship opportunities, and healthy relationships.

Communications & Technology

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Implementing new information technologies at CarePoints, as well as providing communication tools like the internet or computer training to children.


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Uniting community leaders to assess and develop viable solutions that enhance community sustainability, like building wells, irrigation systems, and solar-powered technologies.

Economic Development

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Equipping individuals with resources like employment training, vocational skills, and income-generating activities, as well as community savings and co-ops.

Family Development

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Providing resources that equip parents to care for their children and empower individuals to navigate their own pain instead of projecting it onto others.


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Helping children understand and obey laws and learn to self-govern their lives, as well as working with local leaders to build relationships with influencers who create change.


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Equipping children with the resources to pursue an education that may otherwise remain inaccessible.

Health & Hygiene

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Working with communities to identify areas of critical need in terms of nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene.


Security & Justice

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Working with in-country staff who are knowledgeable of local legal processes to become effective advocates for the vulnerable populations in their communities.

Medical Support

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Providing children with access to basic medical care, including regular physicals to screen for larger health issues and medication for those who are HIV-positive.


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Intentionally working with other organizations with similar goals and empowering local leaders to see their vision for their communities come to life.